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Something is taking root in Willows Bay...

In the Kingdom of Botania, there lived a girl named Florentina, who had the ability to make flowers grow.

She was beloved by all, but the selfish King Overgrowth wanted her power for himself, and locked her away in his castle.

Florentina asked her most trusted friends, the magical Flower Fairies, to escape and track down someone who could help her. They flew all the way to the Earth town of Willows Bay, where they met...

The Garden Guardians!

The charming and cheerful Yellow Dandelion
The quiet yet clever Blue Indigo
And the steadfast leader of the group, Red Zinnia

Together they make the GARDEN GUARDIANS!

Using the power of the Flower Fairies, they'll save Florentina and restore peace to Botania.

Garden Guardians is an ongoing magical girl webcomic about growing up, and finding out who you really are.

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Story and art by kelszzles
Logo and other misc. graphics by StarPunch